Director Software Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

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Lead and direct software development and test teams to evaluate defects, technical root cause analysis and resolution of issues.

Establish and execute improved software project planning tracking and reporting processes.

Develop and evaluate new product features and user interfaces working with marketing, human resource and customers.

Interact with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and respond to observations as needed.

Perform with hardware and software engineering to ensure design and product specification completeness and interface functionality.

Direct and evaluate company’s overall performance in comparison to predetermined goals and objectives.

Identify and establish departmental or program objectives and implement following company policies and procedures.

Determine and implement best practices for software development and software test management in accordance with Medtronic Diabetes organizational and product environment.

Identify and ensure area of responsibility complies with most current standards.

Oversee and prepare pending or proposed standards.

Identify department organizational structures and execute accordingly subject to management approval.

Ensure departmental staff is appropriately trained in current industry technology and company practices and procedures.

Support data and data analysis and other company related activities.

Generate documentation, reports and presentation materials on departmental project.

Prepare and facilitate technical reviews and discussions, technology demonstrations and presentations to within and outside company.

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