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Academic Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate various faculty searches and maintain faculty search database.

Assist in screening and selecting faculty applications.

Manage orientation, training and relocation for new faculties.

Provide support and guidance to academic trainees.

Collaborate with faculty to conduct new student workshops.

Assist in selecting right student leaders.

Assist in managing schedule, student payroll, rooms and instructional supplies for workshops and other study programs.

Develop and manage comprehensive academic support program.

Provide guidance to students on academic goals and educational issues.

Assist students on course selection, study habits and career selection.

Prepare and maintain student records according to district policies and administrative regulations.

Work with parents, teachers and counselors to address students’ behavioral, academic, and other problems.

Assist in updating lesson content and instruction methodology.

Assist in development of training modules and programs.

Coordinate with teachers and center coordinators to develop lesson plans and materials.

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