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Assistant Registrar Responsibilities and Duties

Assist departments to schedule students by assigning modalities and grading classifications, develop and implement beginning and end of term process,

Prepare document grades, attendance and status changes.

Maintain student files and ensure confidentiality of information and prepare appropriate dispatch progress reports according to FERPA guidelines.

Ensure compliance to all national and state standards, organization policies and assist to develop and implement effective strategies.

Coordinate with university departments to prepare update and provide access to university systems and evaluate all graduation process and lists.

Assist departments to develop and execute all plans according to design and budget requirements.

Supervise annual review and prepare update for all undergraduate and graduate programs according to training policies and guidelines.

Evaluate all cost factors, schedule and document all information.

Supervise efficient development of account specification and prepare associate documents.

Analyze all departments for university mission, develop and submit reports to proper authorities on same.

Manage all communication between customers and departments and participate in various trainings and conferences.

Administer and gather all information for curriculum requirements coordinate with various departments for web development, and prepare publishing schedule.

Administer and recognize every honors and degree designation and manage all communications with graduation clearers and provide banner training.

Participate in assigned committees and development activities and administer all special projects and disburse student books.

Perform research on grade distribution, enrollment and supervise transcript distribution and efficient enrolment verification.

Supervise efficient working of assigned staff and maintain ideal working conditions according to workplace policies.

Monitor and respond to all staff supervisors and students queries.

Provide efficient counseling to students and provide all necessary information and prepare required reports.

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