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Campus Director Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement all short term and long term strategies and ensure consistency in same.

Assist management with accurate information as required for all campus associate activities and initiate decisions.

Determine and ensure effective maintenance on organized structure on campus.

Supervise effective working of all subordinates and provide business and managerial assistance to all and develop effective team.

Analyze all fiscal requirements for campus and execute strategies to achieve same.

Ensure adherence to all statutory and regulatory regulations.

Develop and implement various business plans on quarterly and monthly basis ensure effective working of everyday operations.

Monitor all objectives and strategic goals for operations and finances and ensure achievement of same.

Develop various new academic programs and provide modification to all current programs.

Administer all student recruitment and ensure achievement of all objectives.

Coordinate with human resource departments and develop various succession plans for management.

Monitor all work and ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Provide support to all services and ensure completion of all student demands.

Supervise all administrative functions for campus and ensure neat and clean appearance.

Supervise and provide required training to mid level management.

Collaborate with Director of Education and administer all campus activities.

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