Campus Recruiter Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all on campus recruitment; prepare appropriate strategies for all campus events and interview processes.

Coordinate and maintain relationships with department heads, alumni and staff and provide interface with all candidates.

Review all performance annually and compare efficiency of strategies with drafted plans.

Analyze all school records and demographics on regular basis.

Collaborate with recruiting teams and provide support to all recruitment activities and ensure best practices.

Assist all client groups to select appropriate candidate and serve as a primary contact for all.

Develop and maintain professional contacts with office employees and students and maintain good relations with human resources shared service center.

Collaborate with all seniors of recruitment team and determine effective strategies for recruitment to top rated firms.

Maintain knowledge on all market attributes and assist departments to prepare long term recruitment strategies.

Develop and supervise compliance to all budget for campus hiring and recruitment activities.

Manage efficient recruitment of new staff for all special business line and monitor all plans for staffing.

Design appropriate strategies and monitor effective implementation of all plans according to procedures.

Interact about the progress to counterparts, principals and directors- assist with as and when required reporting regarding recruiting procedures

Supervise the sources to build candidate pipeline with little guidance

Execute sourcing strategies to determine the talented candidates with due attention to diversity openings

Analyze local market and provide all information on same.

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