Education Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and monitor all regional educational programs and plan all education events and participate in seminars and workshops and coordinate with various departments for all marketing events.

Prepare and maintain documents for all education plans and implement and maintain all administrative processes as per RMT handbook and approve all chapters for various students.

Perform audition for all public performance and assist all faculty and staff members in all education programs and provide training to all staff members.

Assist in appointment of DCP coordinator and monitor efficient working of all programs within assign region and coordinate with all staff members.

Prepare and maintain all comprehensive records for all education programs and provide training to all staff members and monitor all child development and educational programs.

Collaborate with all MCOE to integrate all special children in programs and provide assistance to develop all childhood plan and prepare equipment plans and design various training plans.

Supervise effective implementation of all activities for parents and ensure compliance to all performance standards and policies and ensure compliance with all objectives and perform regular administration tests and perform assessment for same.

Observe and maintain record of children progress and maintain all transition procedures for all child care settings and develop all annual budgets for organization and ensure compliance to same.

Develop all specifications for all educational services associate supplies and equipments and ensure compliance to all Title 22 requirements and federal and state regulations.

Coordinate with managers and supervisors to prepare conference schedule and participate in various training events and ensure compliance to all federal and state regulations and coordinate with museum, director to determine effective education program schedule.

Perform various grant research and assist education programs and coordinate with various schools to maintain effective communication within community.

Design and maintain budget of all education programs and maintain professional relationships with all employees and officials and ensure incorporation of all special students into program.

Train all staff and family to assist all special children and coordinate with various consultants for same and evaluate all home study programs for various students.

Assist in all admission process and monitor all direct mailings and phone all strategies and monitor and respond to all student information requests.

Evaluate all applications for candidates and perform troubleshoot on manage all applications and assist in all orientation programs.

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