Education Director Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with executive and board of directors to develop various education programs and provide assistance to youth in education program development and participate in various exhibitions for gallery.

Monitor all outreach programs for various schools and assist all staff members at outreach sites and develop various programs for all summer art programs and assist in recruitment of all instructors for all classes.

Install various community exhibitions and assist all resident artists and schedule all events and classes for various exhibitions and plan all monthly art classes and associate activities.

Assist to enrollment processes for all outreach programs for various participants and prepare all fliers and mailers for community and prepare catalog for all art education classes.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all community members and students and monitor all volunteers for various educational programs and manage all resources to ensure achievement of all education objectives.

Monitor volunteers and associate activities and administer website for all art programs and manage all enrollment process.

Prepare education schedule and ensure satisfaction in all academic progress and ensure satisfaction for all issues.

Supervise all faculty recruitment and evaluate all course curriculums and ensure compliance to all education submissions and compliance with academic policy and procedures.

Manage all education associate equipments and course materials and oversee efficient working of academic staff.

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