Guidance Counselor Responsibilities and Duties

Provide assistance to all personnel, employees and provide assistance to all adults to choose appropriate career.

Administer all counseling activities and provide feedback to all staff and parents regarding same.

Prepare schedule for students and monitor progress for all of them as per graduation requirement.

Develop and maintain school curriculum and ensure compliance to standards and provide expert knowledge on same.

Coordinate with social worker and school staff to develop and implement various activities and provide support to all services.

Analyze all student requirements and prepare formal lessons for all students and provide support to all academic activities.

Maintain and analyze all student data and prepare programs and activities to provide support to all student plans.

Prepare an individual plan system and ensure achievement of all secondary goals.

Prepare test programs according to standard procedures and educate staff and parents on same.

Participate in various guidance sessions with students and ensure growth of students and prepare vocational goals for all.

Assist students with all emotional requirements and prepare various counseling and intervention strategies for all students.

Provide training to all staff members and parents and update knowledge on all development requirements of students.

Maintain and ensure confidentiality of all information for guests.

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