Head of School Responsibilities and Duties

Develop programs for enabling school students and families to meet academic goals.

Ensure Annual Yearly Progress meetings and execute programs to conform academic success.

Establish policies as per School’s performance management, succession planning and staffing requirements.

Handle expenditures and budget with School Finance to satisfy financial obligations.

Encourage school in community and foster relationships within charter school network.

Attend meetings and represent K12 and school from a legal perspective.

Create and manage attractive, organized, functional, healthy and safe facilities giving attention to visual and acoustic.

Responsible for employees and visitors’ healthy, safety and welfare.

Establish procedures and regular drills for emergencies and disasters.

Hire, employ and establish outstanding faculty for academic excellence, integrity and moral character.

Lead school’s voice and face in area community and educational associations to market school’s well being.

Support school start-up activities like presentations to referral sources and parents.

Oversee school activities to ensure educational goals and outcomes’ fulfillment.

Support accreditation process with growth of new school.

Offer consistent and compassionate customer service to students, parents and referral sources.

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