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Education Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all education resources for all website and update all programs and monitor and ensure response to education associate queries.

Assist to prepare lectures for all local classes and assist in technical writing and prepare newsletter for all chapters and participate in various administrative meetings.

Prepare reports for various administrative meetings for education associate topics and develop all games and activities for same and perform research to develop innovative ideas for same.

Design and evaluate all written education materials and assist in international distribution and manage all curriculums for various education programs.

Provide an effective interface with all modules and provide required training and provide revisions to all programs.

Manage an efficient class video library and maintain efficient logistics for same and provide training to all OHS staff and Class users.

Develop and provide revision to various training materials and administer all education and outreach performance and schedule all auditions for various education programs.

Supervise all budgets for education programs and supervise efficient working of all programs and prepare schedule for all projects.

Administer everyday operations in coordination with artistic director and provide training to all resident artists evaluate all community performance and provide training to all programs.

Develop education programs for various institutions and monitor working of all administrative personnel for various programs and prepare schedule of all classes, draft all course content for all education instructors.

Hire and evaluate efficient working of all department staff and arrange various guest lecturers from education staff members and prepare presentations for class.

Design effective education budget for all programs and maintain records of all expenditures and receipts for various programs and coordiante with staff members to present lectures and special activities.

Coordinate with instructional designer to determine online modules for all curriculums and maintain an efficient pool of volunteers for life cycle and provide web training for same.

Evaluate all programs and assess all outcomes for same and prepare reports to be submitted to cooperative agreements.

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