Program Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Support program manager in coordinating routine operations of 10,000 small businesses.

Utilize technology to acquire information related to program participants.

Respond to telephone calls, schedule meetings and perform data entry.

Provide program related relevant, accurate and timely information to participating scholars.

Ensure all files on each participant are kept up to date and database reflects latest attendance details.

Ensure supplies for staff and participants classes on Saturdays are available in advance.

Represent agency to all individuals seeking services at storefront offices.

Identify needs of participants and link them with appropriate staff to fulfill their needs.

Interact participants to identify their needs, develop goals, create goal achievement plans.

Identify best services to help program participants address their needs and attain goals.

Identify and participate in events enhancing Organization’s activism profile and connection with community.

Guide participants about activism role in social justice gains.

Motivate participants to actively participate in advocating for themselves and demanding rights for themselves and their communities.

Gather, compile and submit data required for program evaluation and grant reporting under multiple contracts.

Update and maintain accurate and detailed participant records.

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