Program Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage a team in planning and executing business programs.

Oversee daily activities of team and provide assistance whenever needed.

Work with management, financial, and IT teams to support business program execution.

Work with management to analyze program proposals and program objectives.

Develop program plan, budget, schedule, and scope.

Develop program management standards and methodologies to achieve program goals.

Monitor and control expenses within allotted budgets.

Perform resource allocation and workload assignment for timely deliveries.

Perform business contract negotiations with clients as needed.

Assist in employee recruitment, performance evaluation, promotion, retention and termination activities.

Ensure that program deliverables meet quality standards and project requirements.

Develop best practices to improve program performance.

Develop and maintain program documentations.

Organize job trainings and maintain training materials.

Follow and enforce company policies and regulations.

Mine and coordinate resource sharing between constituent projects to overall benefit of program.

Utilize rigorous risk identification and mitigation process on an ongoing basis and convey effectively to internal management.

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