Teacher Aide Responsibilities and Duties

Plan and evaluate classroom activities.

Plan and initiate educational programs for the day.

Assist and support teachers in preparing curriculum.

Assist teachers in their teaching activities.

Arrange meetings between teachers and parents, students and communities.

Assist teachers in enforcing classroom discipline.

Attend and address staff meetings.

Inform parents of the child’s progress on a periodical basis.

Plan and implement educational innovations and improvements.

Prepare newsletters and bulletins for the parents, teachers and students.

Execute all approved objectives, goals and associated lesson plans.

Assist to respond to students’ behavioral emergencies and implement approved behavioral activities.

Support to conduct scheduled activities.

Maintain and update regularly accuracy in data as per program needs and requirements.

Support to develop instructional materials helpful while teaching subject matter to students.

Escort and supervise students as directed and requested by seniors.

Participate in scheduled teaching team along with staff meetings as assigned.

Ensure to keep information confidential related with children, families as well as employees.

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