Electrical Electronics Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

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Design, prepare, install, execute and maintain electricity power-producing equipment.

Ensure activities are constant with program critical path and respond suitably to changing priorities.

Control activities and assigned tasks to accomplish agreed objectives.

Perform throughout product development life cycle beginning from research level breadboards followed by functional prototypes to production equipment.

Convey project objectives and schedule along with updates to business teams.

Design digital plus analog circuit complying with military specifications.

Interact with PCB and mechanical designers with respect to finished circuitry packaging.

Arrange and involve in electrical Design Reviews.

Search and test electronics related new technologies and parts.

Report clearly and precisely on test results and work status in verbal and writing.

Manage and monitor prototype activity from parts selection by actual build.

Evaluate and identify existing products issues if any.

Assist in part plus component research and searches.

Develop and establish test fixtures for electronic systems production along with development work.

Assist production issues troubleshooting on current subassemblies and concluding assemblies.

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