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Assistant Electrical Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Assist Electrical Engineer in installation and maintenances of electrical systems.

Provide administrative assistance to Electrical Engineer when needed.

Identify action items and work with the engineering team to close them.

Work with the engineering team to plan, coordinate and execute electrical projects.

Review project specifications and identify technical constraints and requirements.

Prepare technical design documents based on project specifications.

Identify system integration and design issues and provide appropriate resolutions.

Monitor and report project status to management on regular basis.

Schedule project review meetings to discuss about any issues and recommendations.

Supervise project activities to ensure timely completion.

Ensure project deliverables meet quality standards and customer specifications.

Work with engineering head to suggest system updates and enhancements to meet client demands.

Provide technical guidance to project team when needed.

Schedule routine maintenance and inspection of electrical systems.

Develop preventive maintenance programs for electrical systems.

Ensure that system breakdowns, failures and repairs are addressed promptly.

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