Wireless Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with customers and provide assistance to customers on phone at site as well.

Provide technical support to all engineers for various wireless networks.

Performance maintenance on all project processes and enhance it appropriately.

Maintain various equipments and perform upgrades as when required.

Develop and plan wireless network and design enhancements for same.

Assist sales and marketing teams in pre and post sales and ensure quality of services for same.

Train and assist internal staff and engineer in wireless technologies.

Maintain knowledge on new wireless network products.

Supervise all hardware installation and ensure appropriate integration of network product in various networks.

Determine client requirement and execute all wireless projects for clients.

Monitor efficient work of sub contractors for various wireless projects.

Performed audit in wireless site and ensure viability with network and recommend solutions for incompatibility.

Evaluate results and perform tests in various wireless MDL and prepare reports on same.

Develop and maintain efficient third party relations and ensure compliance to deadline.

Monitor efficient installation of product at customer site and ensure efficiency of various engineering work.

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