Journeyman Electrician Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee and direct on site employees working on assigned task for project completion.

Motivate self and other team members to maintain crew production.

Head responsibility for components, tools and apt paperwork.

Lead and perform with other journeyman, helpers and apprentices.

Perform and coordinate other trades, owners, engineers and general contractors.

Monitor work progress after installing work effectively.

Write, read and infer instructional manuals, written guidelines, specifications and site work directions.

Identify issues if any in entire electric systems and ensure to search wire’s colors.

Provide to bend conduit through hand with benders.

Utilize power tools, wire tuggers, saws, knockout punches, threaders and hydraulic benders.

Practice and study to understand safe work methods as outlined in handbooks of employees.

Implement and comply with Hazcom policy, safety policies and procedures.

Utilize all electrical equipments safely.

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