Electronics Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Discuss and coordinate with colleagues to develop new circuits, technology and devices.

Improve electronic equipment’s detailed design.

Guarantee product works, is reliable and perform consistently in operating environments.

Update on technology and regulation development.

Consult with executives on electronic instruments’ objective output and need and suggest equipment types used in meetings.

Design electro-mechanical and electronic instrumentation and oversee purchased modules construction.

Design electronic modules not available for purchase.

Modify existing designs to ensure performance of functions by current devices.

Design and test new circuits and develop testing and investigation methods on new circuits and devices.

Draft test procedure instruction manuals.

Establish and update on needed equipment specifications by coordinating with manufacturers and suppliers.

Design electronic schematic plan and oversee PCB layout and offer design validation.

Ensure design manufacturability and testability by coordinating with operation and ATE.

Solve and mitigate top level electronic design and system problems.

Strategize on architecture and electronic design.

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