Employee Communications Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Design various communication plans to assist all employees to understand various PayPal strategy and coordination with all global functional leaders on same and administer all employee communication channels.

Coordinate with senior executive communication department to manage all internal distribution and produce various videos and podcasts and provide subject matter expertise to various stories.

Assist various global operations for HR projects and provide support to all employee communication activities and manage development of various communication strategies.

Analyze and provide consultation to human resources on various issues and implement all employee communication plans for global programs.

Perform all employee surveys and administer communication program for same and provide support to all plant based programs.

Facilitate and ensure incorporation of an effective communication plans for all wellness activities and develop and ensure effective communication programs to achieve all operation goals and increase employee involvement in various activities.

Develop various talking points and presentations for all communication programs and coordiante with all internal groups for same and analyze effectiveness of all programs.

Design and maintain knowledge on all employee communications and recommend efficient improvements to same and maintain awareness of all business strategies and design various communication strategies as per requirement.

Determine all required metrics to measure effectiveness of all communication programs and ensure achievement of all objectives and coordinate with internal communication practitioners to ensure incorporation of all improvements to processes.

Manage all internal communication strategies to design various innovative solutions for all strategies and develop all plans to ensure compliance to all business objectives and edit all publish all internal communication channel.

Design and perform required edit for all home page content and provide consultation on various communication issues and assist transit all strategies into communication plans.

Maintain knowledge of all businesses for organization and maintain an effective communication channel and design architecture for same and determine appropriate stakeholders.

Coordinate with business team to design all program communications for activities through year and develop all measurement programs and perform tests on all employee communication programs and maintain relationship with all stakeholders and business units.

Train and provide assistance to all members to understand communication issues and prepare draft for all content communications.

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