Antenna Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Design, create and implement LNA and antenna system solutions in order to improve the performance of communication systems and GNSS receivers.

Maintain patent and protection of IP for any innovative technology creations.

Perform simulation, optimization and testing with the help of latest tools.

Coordinate with EMC engineers, antenna design engineers and industrial designers in order to test and integrate the antenna solution developed with other products.

Communicate effectively with both the hardware and firmware teams in order to present the design concepts clearly.

Coordinate with all the global engineering teams effectively.

Contribute to the design reviews conducted in the team.

Design new and creative array antennas.

Provide simulations, requirements and antenna definitions.

Analyze the antennas and design using computer aided design (CAD) techniques.

Provide guidance and support to the junior engineers.

Develop prototypes and test them in the field as well as in the lab.

Manage the far-field testing of antennas done in the latest facilities.

Design antennas for complex 3G, 2G and 4G wireless communication applications.

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