Energy Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Implement Commercial and Industrial Conservation and Load Management (C&LM) programs.

Determine performance and energy savings for system modifications and improvements.

Revise engineering design drawings, specifications and reports to validate energy savings.

Verify installation of energy efficiency measures working on field inspections.

Determine energy savings compared to baseline equipment and building codes performing different engineering calculations for high efficiency equipments and machinery.

Search and present energy conservation projects comprising capital and operational measures.

Establish and perform energy use benchmarks (Energy Star).

Research and explain greenhouse gas reduction opportunities.

Engineer energy savings calculations.

Develop project implementation cost estimates.

Prepare energy related technical reports and presentations.

Develop technical expertise in all matters concerning energy and environmental control.

Participate in design, development and building of renewable energy technologies.

Manage integration of renewable energy generation into existing power systems.

Negotiate service agreements and manage associated costs and revenues.

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