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Plant Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all operations according to required safety measures.

Maintain record of everyday readings for all compressors and processing equipments and ensure optimal level of production.

Monitor all plant production and processing equipment’s.

Resolve all operating issues in same and perform regular periodic maintenance on all equipments.

Collaborate with contractors and vendors for all activities.

Manage all communication on operation issues between management and coworkers.

Provide training to all contractors and vendors and participate in safety meetings.

Monitor all safety issues for company safety supervisor.

Prepare and submit all purchase order requisitions and maintain all plant operations and ensure compliance to all policies and regulations.

Ensure work site free of any wastage and maintain neat and clean plant site.

Manage all boilers and associate auxiliary equipments and maintain all plant operations.

Maintain all boiler operations safely and manage all power consumption.

Manage all plant operation and emission data and maintain safety and efficiency in plant and provide training to all subordinates.

Supervise efficient operations of all plant equipment’s.

Perform troubleshoot to identify and resolve all issues efficiently and assist to read all meters and gauges at regular intervals.

Maintain record of all data from equipments such as operation, fuel consumed and all voltage base.

Manage all rotational shifts and assist to reassemble all machines and complete all maintenance work.

Resolve all issues and inspect and perform tests on all machine parts and supervise all repair activities and ensure all repair and operations according to required procedures.

Install and perform repair on all plant equipments according to production specifications and prepare record of all production and maintain all product equipments.

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