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Plant Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all employee schedules and provide training to subordinates as per requirement and supervise all everyday production schedules and assist to resolve all maintenance issues.

Maintain record of all raw materials coming to plant and maintain efficient safety regulations for same and organize all tools to increase efficiency of all activities.

Provide training if required to improve working and monitor and ensure compliance to all manufacturing schedules.

Maintain all plant equipments and perform troubleshoot on same to resolve all issues.

Maintain quality of all products and prepare appropriate budgets and reports to be submitted to management and ensure optimal level of profitability for plant.

Supervise efficient operations of all plant equipments to achieve all plant objectives.

Maintain compliance to all local, state and Federal regulations for all human resource activities.

Prepare efficient plans for purchase of all manufacturing materials and manage inventory.

Assist to operate all SAP computer system and ensure adherence to all customer requirements and maintain efficient relationships with all customers and monitor all plant activities.

Supervise working of all panel departments and provide appropriate training to all employees to ensure optimal level of performance and provide all hiring assistance.

Maintain optimal quality of all products and recommend improvements to production process for same and prioritize all schedules.

Manage inventory of all plant supplies and ensure accuracy in same according to required policies and procedures and manage all communication for safety standards.

Perform regular inspection on all machinery and maintain compliance to all regulations such as OSHA and HACCP.

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