Assistant Chief Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Assist Chief Engineer in installation and maintenance of the architectural, mechanical and electrical systems.

Perform routine maintenance to determine damages, repairs and replacements.

Support in developing preventive maintenance and energy conservation programs.

Plan, coordinate and execute renovation projects.

Assist in employee recruiting, training, performance evaluation, termination and promotion activities.

Ensure that building structures and all mechanical and electrical systems are in good and safe conditions.

Ensure that engineering team uses equipment safely and efficiently to avoid accidents.

Mange all expenses within the allotted budget.

Communicate overall condition of engineering systems to Chief Manager on regular basis.

Assist engineering staff to process customer requests promptly and accurately

Recommend cost-effective solutions to maintain building structures and related systems.

Ensure that work area is maintained clean, safe and organized.

Educate team on safety regulations, engineering policies and purchasing procedures and other company standards.

Oversee recycling and waste disposal programs.

Prioritize, plan and assign daily work duties to engineering staffs.

Order and stock the maintenance supplies to avoid any shortages.

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