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Calibration Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Perform and validation all calibration Diesel engine controls for performance and emissions

Participate in various calibration improvement of engines and assess it in laboratory and, all cold, hot and altitude fields.

Manage and implement all pre calibration processes and apply it effectively to all vehicle levels.

Determine and maintain all hardware and software tools and coordinate with various engine management system.

Assist other departments and define specifications related to hardware tools and subsystem and ensure achievement of future calibration goals.

Design platform for processes related to ECM calibrations like speedometer/ odometer, fuel measurer and other diagnostics.

Design and facilitate all common calibration procedures with organization.

Perform tests and rides and monitor development of best common calibrations.

Maintain and update all process calibrations related to platform functions for designing vehicle programs

Evaluate function calibrations at levels of 65%, 80%, 99%, and 100% to ensure precision and uniformity in process.

Perform assessment, modeling and calibration resources to lessen calibration lead time.

Provide an interface with all power train lead calibrators

Provide technical resolution for all new and existing programs.

Manage all assignments which require advanced principles application.

Supervise technical and business literatures pertaining to hybrid control methodologies.

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