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Consultant Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide subject matter expertise to all clients for all engineering activities and assist al internal groups for same.

Evaluate all design for subsystem components and monitor all vendor visits.

Participate in various design review meetings with engineering department.

Analyze efficient implementation of all engineering procedures and monitor its working.

Provide an efficient interface with all engineering systems and processes and ensure adherence to all best industry practices to resolve all client issues.

Administer all complex problems and design effective resolutions for same and coordinate with customer management for same.

Assist various departments to resolve all issues in engineering processes.

Manage all fiscal and technological processes within required timeframe.

Evaluate various tests for all engineering processes in coordination with all developer contractors and present various presentations for all projects.

Investigate all discrepancies in processes and recommend resolutions for all clients.

Coordinate with engineering support staff and engineers and provide assistance to all programs.

Maintain knowledge on all require technologies and assist in advance research.

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