Engineering Aide Responsibilities and Duties

Operate engineer’s transit and level on location surveys and on construction operations to establish alignment.

Analyze project to gives elevation for grade and slope stakes.

Perform cross sections.

Establish benchmarks and stakes for construction.

Support professional engineering staff and technical personnel in survey, drafting, research and operational activities.

Develop charts and graphs for reports and presentations.

Prepare and maintain records and reports complying established format.

Identify engineering work requiring high degree of analytical and other special skills.

Gather and assign components, sub-units, models and equipment and adapt standard equipment.

Conduct variety of tests and experiments requiring modifications in test set up and procedures.

Establish and operate standard test equipment.

Evaluate and record test data.

Inspect equipments, systems and projects ensuring all are operating properly and are safe to use.

Repair and schedule repairs of electronic, mechanical and electrical equipment and instruments.

Support engineers and researchers in initial design and development through sketches and rough layouts.

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