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Engineering Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Identify and establish new engineering production machine.

Assist production to achieve target output with quality product.

Develop artworks and print photos for magazine advertisement and brochures.

Perform all technical and processing activities associated with medical components manufacturing.

Ensure establishing all manufacturing equipment and produce product according to set quality standards and validated settings.

Perform all required QC checks.

Monitor continuously in-process quality, addressing issues as needed to prevent product holds.

Provide production and downtime records to maintain equipment process logs for each piece of equipment.

Utilize relevant electronic systems like SAP to maintain apt control of product and materials.

Determine technical drawings with thorough study.

Analyze Engineering report contents and plan implementation of required modifications.

Develop mechanical design using SolidWorks.

Record designs with appropriate drawings for shop use.

Collaborate with internal managers and contractors to plan and schedule equipment modifications around manufacturing needs.

Supervise building and installation of guarding on equipment.

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