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Knowledge Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Facilitate to manage developing and delivery of technical communications within assigned knowledge management system.

Utilize accumulation of information by external and internal end-user communities as well as forums.

Supervise dissemination policies knowledge within organization.

Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to setup steady standards for all according to given knowledge management system.

Revise and edit SME content to reduce defects supplied to End- user community.

Utilize Knowledge Management’s best practices to present and execute new customer solutions.

Prepare productive knowledge base operations management through defining and following key metrics.

Determine content creation priorities and maintenance procedure using analytical data.

Identify customer issues trends and provide content to reduce impact to customer.

Direct and assist content management procedure.

Search, identify and produce new industries concepts and functional areas on basis of data from in-house text evaluation tools.

Assist secondary source material research.

Consult subject matter experts to attain maximum knowledge on respective topic.

Define and enhance present definitions in Knowledge Base.

Engineer and optimize lexical as well as morphological rules along with dictionaries.

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