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Land Surveyor Responsibilities and Duties

Perform duties related to land surveying for identifying land ownership and property boundaries.

Conduct records management activities and perform historical and legal land ownership research.

Develop and inspect land surveying project contracts.

Support field measurement and layout.

Conduct standard calculations to identify areas, elevation and volumes of field survey notes.

Conduct basic calculations using field note data.

Read, utilize and interpret design drawings and topographic maps.

Study, learn and interpret CAD computer applications.

Perform as Senior Project Leader for survey at in-house and mapping projects.

Support Real Estate Product Line coordinator and in-house design group.

Provide consistent and superior quality documents for survey, design and building projects for all clients in region.

Perform as cadastral issue matter expert as team member.

Perform as Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) for Architect-Engineer.

Involve in implementing mapping contracts and Indefinite Quality (IQ) surveying.

Provide vertical and horizontal control maps and government cost estimate for mapping and survey projects.

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