Marine Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Support Marine Operations and Vessel Assurance teams on machinery systems.

Support Marine Projects groups to develop and implement work scopes of machinery systems.

Supervise changes and update marine regulations and notify appropriate party in company.

Oversee new propulsion retrofitted on company’s current ships or fitted to future new ship orders.

Attend vessel drydockings to assess and inspect machinery, resolve issues and support Marine Operations.

Ensure safe and efficient operations of marine engineering functions.

Operate, maintain and oversee machinery, engineering equipment and vessel systems.

Handle records and machinery status logs on vital plant equipment and ensure spare parts inventory.

Handle engineering manuals, schematics and blueprints in good order.

Administer lube oil quality, jacket water treatment, potable water and bulk stores.

Assist in new marine system upgrades installation onboard US Navy ships.

Troubleshoot new system upgrades onboard US Navy ships.

Inspect shipboard through data collection and configuration validation.

Check equipment, isolate issues and affect repairs.

Manage engine room watch when vessel in underway.

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