MWD Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Work on-site to complete and deliver the assigned engineering projects.

Develop and maintain new MWD processes for complex projects.

Evaluate current MWD processes and recommend improvements.

Supervise MWD processes including tool preparations, log generation, data acquisition and quality control.

Manage the MWD equipment inventory and supervise equipment transport to and from work site.

Use advanced techniques and wireline instruments to take measurements without disturbing the drilling process.

Comply with all safety rules and company policies.

Provide interpretation of MWD data to client and supervisor.

Interpret reports of Petrophysicist and provide information on the nature of fluids and rocks in the drilling area.

Evaluate MWD equipment and recommend necessary repairs or maintenances.

Maintain database for recording all activities of ongoing work.

Develop job tickets and daily work reports.

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