Petroleum Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze findings to design, develop or test equipment or processes.

Assign work to personnel to attain maximum utilization of staff.

Interpret testing and drilling information for staff.

Design and execute environmental controls on gas and oil operations.

Coordinate mining plus oil field equipment installation, maintenance and operation.

Oversee removal of drilling equipment, waste and ensure safe return of land to structural stability at time when wells are exhausted.

Inspect gas and oil wells to identify installations are completed.

Enforce reservoir performance for various recovery techniques utilizing computer models.

Ensure to take samples to analyze quantity and quality of oil, depth where resources lie along with equipment required to extract them suitably.

Coordinate activities of all workers involved planning, research and development.

Ensure to apply engineering principles to all petroleum machinery.

Design or change mining plus oil field machinery along with tools.

Ensure to adhere to all established equipment performance specifications.

Test all petroleum related equipment and machinery to assure safety and security.

Perform engineering search experiments to enhance or modify oil and mining machinery plus operations.

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