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Planner Scheduler Responsibilities and Duties

Design all project schedule and contract agreements and ensure integrity of data in all project life cycle and prepare required reports to provide support to all clients.

Prepare an efficient Contract Master Schedule and maintain knowledge of all key project milestones.

Administer project from conceptualization to implementation and evaluate all issues.

Design all planning controls for various levels and fabricate all resources.

Design an efficient engineering schedule and prepare all vendor packages in coordination with project technical directors.

Ensure compliance to schedule and manage all project deliverables and recommend increase in all engineering processes.

Administer all projects and assist in appropriate distribution of all project hours.

Evaluate all man hours spent for various activities and prepare accurate reports for same and maintain record of all project progress.

Evaluate all fabrication site and vendor schedule and ensure adherence to contract master schedule.

Ensure efficiency of all schedule plant production with help of ERP business system software

Collaborate with all cross functional team to maintain quality assurance for all activities.

Assist to identify and resolve all issues in normal operations and manage all communication for all schedule disruption.

Design and manage all stock transfer requests for ERP system.

Administer efficiency in all fluid integration for systems and department processes and analyze ERP system for organization and prepare efficient schedule of all activities.

Provide all update on information systems and maintain all technical and non technical information and monitor all manufacturing processes.

Perform audits on various plans and prepare all required documents and provide required training to all subordinates.

Participate in all process engineering meetings.

Provide support to all process control operations and recommend improvements.

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