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Planning Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Assist to monitor all department budgets and manage all inventories on quarterly basis and assist all team members to manage all production schedules.

Prepare efficient training programs for all planning processes and manage inventory level for all components and finished products and ensure compliance to all business requirements.

Manage all work flow for projects and maintain control on same and manage an efficient inventory level of all safety stock and review all volume requirements for all production materials.

Assist all new product development and improvement in all existing products and ensure optimal inventory level at all times.

Facilitate and provide data to prepare all sales forecast and implement all new products and processes for all manufacturing plants.

Assist to obtain and manage all orders and deliveries for all external processes and prepare reports to be presented to management and manage demand and supply of all materials.

Collaborate with all stakeholders to perform various strategies and coordinate with program manager to monitor all supply chain activities and resolve all availability issues.

Prepare reports for all planning activity metrics and analyze all results to recommend required improvements in performance and collaborate with material manager to forecast all required strategies.

Evaluate and prepare forecast all policy changes and recommend appropriate business requirements.

Participate in all evaluation meetings on weekly and monthly basis.

Plan inventory levels and locations and execute all forecasting and planning programs.

Maintain optimal level of performance within required budget and ensure compliance to all standard projects.

Train all subordinates of all planning team in various system.

Process requirement and analyze all working of supply chain team.

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