Plastics Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and install all new injection molding equipments and document all implementation processes for all molded products.

Prepare all specifications of all plastic processes and execute all gages to maintain optimal quality and assist to design all control plans.

Manage all cost requests and establish all manufacturing costs and equipments and maintain knowledge on all safety requirements for various processes.

Administer all projects and recommend improvement to facilitate all first time quality.

Evaluate all alternatives to plastic resins to maintain all projects within required budget and initiate cost reduction method for same.

Analyze and ensure compliance to all customer requirements and supervise all material and coat engineering activities and manage communication with vendors and suppliers.

Monitor all manufacturing processes and maintain optimization of all equipments and provide support to all ISO structure.

Indentify and review all improvement materials to maintain all product quality and perform required tests and validate all manufacturing process and analyze all customer requirements.

Perform regular investigations for all projects and ensure optimization of all coating formulas.

Process for all equipments and provide support to all operational objectives and determine all product performance specifications to collect all experimental data.

Provide support to all material equipments and assist to increase productivity of all plastic associate processes.

Provide support to all purchase and design department to develop plastic tools for injection molding equipments and perform root cause analysis for all injection molding.

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