Polymer Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate senior development engineer to implement all new products and provide support to all new applications conduct various laboratory studies to analyze all data and prepare technical reports.

Manage multiple development programs and utilize various processing techniques to design all data for all customers and development programs.

Administer and analyze all data for all customers and technical management and recommend investigations for all polymer processes.

Monitor all customer issues and assist to identify and resolve issues effectively and assist senior staff to develop resolution for all issues.

Maintain all product improvement policies and promote efficient and safe lab operations to resolve same and ensure adherence to all site safety regulations.

Design new materials as per customer requirements and manage communication with all suppliers to design new compounds and maintain expert knowledge on same.

Analyze and recommend improvements to all materials to increase efficiency of all polymer processes and collaborate with process engineering team to forecast requirements.

Design and recommend innovative improvements to all processes and monitor all competitor activities and determine all quality specifications for all new materials.

Provide support to all business units and provide support to all plastic injection molding techniques.

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