Production Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Plan and coordinate production engineering processes on daily basis to produce high quality products.

Develop process improvements to effectively utilize equipment and materials to maximize production.

Develop operational strategies to achieve production and financial objectives.

Identify unsafe operations and practices and report the same to Manager immediately.

Establish safety procedures and environmental regulations for employees.

Provide engineering support for production and maintenance activities to ensure maximum production.

Perform engineering analysis to reduce downtime and outages.

Evaluate current production activities and make recommendations for improvements.

Implement cost reduction initiatives while maintaining high quality standards.

Develop operating instructions and equipment specifications for production activities.

Provides training and guidance to team members to accomplish production goals.

Stay current with product specifications, engineering technology and production processes.

Develop best practices to improve production capacity, quality and reliability.

Investigate problems, analyze root causes and derive resolutions.

Aid in budget preparation and monitor expenses and profitability.

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