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Qualification Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Perform at environmental test labs to obtain data necessary to prepare item and contract specific environmental and seismic qualification documents.

Review customer specifications with respect to environmental and seismic qualification requirements.

Prepare comments and exceptions to customer specifications for presentation to sales department for submitting project proposals.

Observe all laws, regulations and other applicable obligations as required for conducting business on company’s behalf.

Perform safely as qualification engineer complying with established operating procedures and practices.

Utilize data to support position on key specs & features.

Facilitate competitive analysis for key attributes and performance etc.

Stimulate strategic initiatives and projects to support relentless improvement and customer satisfaction.

Present and report critical issues to ensure customer specifications are met according to production timelines.

Gather, filter, negotiate and implement across product lines to fulfill customer needs.

Convey with customer using various methods to understand their problems and needs.

Establish customer qualification process including joint qualification.

Develop in-depth customer system and end-user application usage knowledge.

Perform as technical leader driving characterization of hard-drive interfaces.

Maintain current knowledge of product environments, applications and usage scenarios.

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