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Quality Engineer I Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze quality performance utilizing using statistical and analytical tools and methods.

Implement methods to inspect, test and evaluate reliability, precision, reliability and accuracy of processes, products and production equipment.

Develop and establish quality procedures and systems for inspecting plans, quality trends, statistical plan price estimates and technical quality proposal plans.

Ensure process control documents adhere with set requirements.

Ensure on time processing of non-conforming components.

Assist disposition process by involving in failure analysis and suggest corrective actions as Material Review Board member.

Coordinate with suppliers and customers relating to quality trends, performance and corrective action.

Verify conformance and productivity of quality engineering system through supplier audits and surveys.

Initiate programs to enhance supplier performance.

Interact with product development committees to inspect and review engineering releases.

Review all product quality aspects like planning, manufacturing methods and process specifications.

Interact with manufacturing and engineering teams to optimize documentation related to quality and inspection checks.

Report and supply subassemblies as well as finish goods following Device Master Record.

Interact with Quality Control Packaging team to conduct Technician Training Program after evaluating Quality Inspections Techniques.

Assist manufacturing scrap performance evaluation and management.

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