Radio Frequency Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Chair ownership of existing and new wireless hardware designs.

Perform to characterize, quantify and optimize electrical and RF frequency performance of wireless headset systems and components.

Collaborate with test engineering and operations in support of production.

Develop test and debug strategies to isolate problematic performance areas.

Provide solutions to technical problems associated with Radio frequency engineering products.

Assist in certifying testing and design and develop solutions to certifying test issues like radiated and conducted immunity and emissions.

Develop design schematics and support layout of RF printed circuit boards.

Design and enforce RF circuits, filters, baluns, power amplifiers and lumped element matching circuits.

Interact with quality, engineering, ID and product management groups in executing product development program plans.

Assist in firmware development efforts through system test and verification.

Evaluate, compile and manage test results in relation to design, specifications and test objectives.

Provide technical support in installation, operation, maintenance and repair of radio frequency systems.

Ensure radio frequency systems are installed and functions according to specifications.

Assist various electromagnetic tests in lab environment.

Prepare analysis and simulation reports, develop presentations, write test plans and perform evaluation.

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