Reservoir Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Design various reservoir field and identify appropriate tools to resolve all reservoir engineering issues and develop support package for new wells.

Establish all developed and undeveloped reserves and maintain an efficient reserve systems and evaluate all completion and drilling activities and for various projects and coordinate with various teams for project development according to production guidelines.

Monitor and analyze all surveillance programs for all reservoir performance and develop an efficient management strategy and participate in various activities to enable growth and collaborate with geoscientists and design development activities.

Manage all work through reservoir analysis techniques and forecast prioritization of all development projects and recommend improvement to production and assist to recomplete all projects if required and provide technical support to all reservoir management activities.

Analyze all test data and ensure accuracy of same and assist to design all reservoir models and collaborate with various team members to manage all communication for projects and recommend improvements to enhance performance.

Provide support to management and manage all development and production projects and plan all area reserve and estimate all production requirements and analyze all studies and ensure optimization of all resources.

Develop field plans for water injection and recommend improvements to same and perform analysis on all tests through standard applications and monitor all field and well performance.

Participate in all reserve audits and prepare required documents and prepare technical presentations to be submitted to management.

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