Reservoir Simulation Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Design 3D simulation reservoir models according to collected geological and engineering data and plan and implement all drilling strategies.

Design all risk mitigation strategies for all reservoir and evaluate all risks for all development wells and perform various tests on all production logs and interpret all survey results.

Develop all reservoir evaluation programs and analyze all results and develop reservoir models and ensure optimization of all management strategies for production profiles.

Manage all reservoirs engineering information for all stakeholders and prepare all regulatory applications and prepare required reservoir models.

Forecast all reservoir behavior and recommend new development plans and strategies to ensure optimum recovery of all hydrocarbons from reservoir and evaluate all findings and implement all long term corporate plans and design all compositional simulation.

Maintain knowledge on all new technology and develop required reservoir simulation and prepare required technical reports and assist to identify new locations and develop all management issues.

Perform various reservoir simulation studies and monitor all present performance and prepare internal and external reports for various teams.

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