English Language Arts Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

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Teach at least four English language and one enrichment classes every day.

Tutor an Advisory and Character Counts period.

Tutor two Saturday School sessions per month or teach two week Summer School.

Record entire syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and other curricular materials.

Develop and implement strategies for all students to reach success working closely with Principal, Director of Learning Supports and Dean of Student Life.

Maintain effective communication and strong relationships with students, families and colleagues.

Assist in design and implementation of research-based curriculum.

Maintain school culture of high academic and behavioral expectations through continuous reflection.

Utilize detailed data analysis of student performance to inform best practices.

Assist in student arrival and departure, transitions between class periods and lunch periods.

Perform all tasks as assigned by Executive Director and Principal.

Involve in teacher meetings regularly.

Support teachers and facilitate positive faculty dynamics.

Develop and maintain connections with parents, families, community members, and organizations.

Involve in Family Involvement initiatives.

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