Coordinating Producer Responsibilities and Duties

Handle copy writing and research background for live and taped segments for Good Morning America.

Prepare editorial direction of guest segment and offer tease copy.

Supervise visuals and graphics and oversee copy writing.

Work in flexible schedules and possible weekend shifts.

Equip self with speed, detail orientation, accuracy and creativity.

Offer on-location production services like story research, location scouting, grip and talent wrangler.

Enable program fixes.

Arrange and oversee new media reports.

Monitor dot com and talent tease initiatives.

Make copies and disseminate tapes, proposals and correspondence.

Hold meetings and conference calls on projects editorial content.

Send materials pertinent to DCTC for library entry.

Finish EP Load Reports by updating information.

Communicate and coordinate with DCI departments and work with Production Executive.

Choose and disseminate tapes, scripts and artwork for promo editing and consumer marketing campaign.

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