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Technical Advisor Responsibilities and Duties

Support to develop and execute all program reviews.

Provide technical advice as well as expertise to systems development technical project groups.

Define, develop and review all existing and proposed applications for technical design plus development of all major customer or server projects.

Coordinate technical activities amongst technicians, users, computer along with communication networks.

Present technical assistance for applications of advanced theory, principles, concepts and methods.

Develop and maintain strong human relations as well as convey required skills.

Plan, direct and oversee Nuclear Forensics portfolio within $4 million annual budget.

Research and develop formulation data of strategic program management, operational and financial plans.

Conduct administrative and technical reviews along with funding recommendations for organization proposals.

Conduct administrative and technical reviews of continuing company projects.

Perform on multi-agency working teams for nuclear forensics as well as radiation detection company.

Comply with entire Functional Requirements Allocation (FRA) regulations, OSHA work practices plus industry or site specific work rules.

Perform with railroad employees as well as management on setting up production plans for labor, logistics and materials.

Perform with different software systems to supervise material, labor plans, and varied systemic requirements.

Provide precise communication to all railroad employees, GE management and customer management on work for being performed, productivity, process improvements and locomotive status.

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