HSE Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Design safety training programs for employee and ensure response to all specific requirements and maintain knowledge of all company safety programs and draft all materials for training programs within required timeframe.

Prepare all HSE training program according to required regulations and prepare schedule of all training programs and ensure all employees receive appropriate training and participate in various committee meetings for site.

Administer all worker compensation cases for employees and maintain safety regulations in compliance with all local departments and inspect all fire protection equipments to ensure proper working and document same.

Supervise management of all hazardous waste and maintain records of same and evaluate all air and storm water permits and maintain documents for same and ensure compliance to all HSE programs.

Develop and recommend improvements to all Quality Management Systems and develop and implement efficient global operations emergency response plans and ensure adherence to all federal and state regulations.

Provide support to execution of all global operation emergency response plans and manage all emergency situations and design solutions to all issues and design required business tools and execute all HSE procedures and policies.

Monitor all HSE procedures and recommend strategies to avoid all accidents and implement all health and safety hazards for all sites.

Monitor all conservation and protection programs and maintain hygiene at facility at all times and prepare required status reports.

Manage communication strategies and prepare required newsletters and design and implement an efficient site safety training programs and perform investigation to eliminate all issues.

Participate in all site safety committees and analyze all job hazard activities and ensure compliance to all OSHA guidelines and perform audit on all activities.

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