Environmental Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Stay updated with local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Develop and enforce environmental guidelines and practices.

Review and recommend improvements to existing environmental programs for compliance assurance.

Generate environmental reports as requested by regulatory agencies.

Provide guidance and direction to management for ensuring environmental compliance.

Prepare permit applications and agreements as needed by regulatory agencies.

Obtain, maintain, modify and renew environmental permits and licenses.

Work with emergency response team to address environmental incidents such as chemical leaks and spills.

Identify and solve environmental violations.

Conduct regular environmental inspections to determine pollution level.

Investigate environmental accidents and propose corrective actions.

Write environmental related articles, newsletters, and press releases.

Assist in developing project proposals and statement of work and determine overall budget and schedules.

Maintain inventory control and oversee shipping and transportation arrangements.

Oversee waste disposal and pollution control programs.

Educate workers on environmental health and safety procedures.

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