Event Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

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Coordinate with conference committee and prepare an efficient budget for all events and ensure compliance to same and provide support to all activities of Executive Director.

Prepare an effective schedule for all conferences and events and ensure adherence to all policies and guidelines and coordinate with caterers and specialist and ensure work within required timeframe.

Assist all social workers and mental health counselors to obtain education provider license and prepare contracts for all key note speakers and presenters at events.

Prepare and assist in distribution of all registration brochure and marketing materials for various events.

Manage and maintain records of all scholarship applications and inform applicants of status as per requirements and provide support to all auction staff and prepare all annual auction budget.

Maintain attendance of all participants and provide update to websites and select and secure appropriate venue for all events.

Assist to organize all on site arrangements for all meetings and events and coordinate with marketing and education coordinators for al marketing events.

Organize various logistics for all marketing events and monitor all administrative activities for all expenditure.

Administer all facilities and services for all events to arrange all meetings and conferences.

Provide an effective interface with all clients and manage all facilities and analyze all events issues and resolve it effectively.

Assist to arrange all event logistics and prepare all hotel accommodations and maintain all invoices and assist in financial closure.

Collaborate with all content specialists to design all new educational events and supervise working of all event planners.

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