Bridal Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Identify all potential customers and design all pricing strategies to maximize all firm profit and maintain customer satisfaction.

Supervise all product development trends and analyze requirements for all products and services for brides.

Design appropriate pricing for all products and services and review all marketing strategy to ensure compliance to all objectives.

Review all finances for same and forecast all returns on investment and coordinate with various marketing teams for various activities and promote al products and services.

Provide efficient product demonstration to attract more clients and ensure achievement of all sales objectives.

Provide optimal level of customer services and provide assistance to all customers.

Assist all customers to select appropriate products and provide assistance on various new fashion and trends for brides.

Analyze customer fabric requirement and recommend appropriate material and analyze customers for all sizes and provide consultation on efficient shape.

Administer all physical aspects of customer such as skin tones and hair color and recommend clothes and accessories and assist all customers to improve customer confidence.

Perform all alterations to garments as required by customers and implement same in studio and assist to process all payments for credit cards and cash and prepare documents for all customers.

Maintain database of clientele and provide information for all customer sales and analyze same.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with vendors and sales associates and maintain product knowledge for all bridal events and shows.

Assist all couples with bridal registration process and ensure compliance to all requirements and ensure adherence to all department standards.

Monitor all promotional events for store and assist all guests with bridal registry services and resolve all issues.

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